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The KF Fitness Weight Loss Package is designed to help you lose weight forever with a nutrition plan, a training plan, and educational content that teaches you the principles of weight loss. 


What's included:

  • A full body gym plan, or a full training plan that can be done at home.

  • Access to private online workouts.

  • A full nutrition plan & nutrition advice.

  • The KF Fitness Cookbook.

  • Educational videos teaching you how to calculate how many calories you should be eating and also how to count calories.

  • Videos explaining what is necessary for long-term weight loss. 

  • Logs for you to track your own weekly progress.

  • An introduction video explaining how the weight loss program works.

This package is implemented solely by you. Once you receive the package there is no further contact between us, it's not the same as the 8 Week Coaching Programs I run. 

KF Fitness Weight Loss Package

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