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€99 Weight Loss Package

Are you looking to lose that weight you’ve always wanted to but can’t seem to do on your own?

Do you want more energy, better sleep quality and a more positive outlook on life?


The KF Fitness Weight Loss Package is designed to help you look and feel amazing with a full training program, a full nutrition plan and educational content that will transform your body and mind so that you become leaner, fitter and stronger than you've ever been.



Nutrition Plan

You'll be eating easy to prepare, tasty food that will give you more energy and keep you fuller for longer. Your nutritional plan will:


  • Include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas/recipes you can enjoy

  • Include the KF Fitness Cookbook, with all the family favourites like spag bol, chicken curry, burgers, pizza and pancakes

  • Allow you to eat delicious meals that will easily fit into your day as they are all quick and simple to make…. All meals are family friendly too!


Full Gym/Training Plan

Your training program will:


  • Have a full body gym based program, or a full training program that can be done at home

  • Have private videos explaining the technique of each weight lifting exercise

  • Have access to private video links for my HIIT and resistance workouts

  • Allow you to work out when it fits into your schedule at home or in the gym


Educational Videos and Text

  • Teaching you how to calculate the amount of calories you should be eating daily

  • Teaching you how to count calories

  • Plus educational content that will enable you to lose weight forever



Weekly Logs For You to Track Your Own Progress

  • Nutrition logs

  • Training logs

  • Sleep logs


Once the Weight Loss Package is sent, it’s solely up to you to implement, there will be no further contact between us! If you want to be coached by me you can sign up to my 8 week program. Kellie

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