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8 Week Muscle Building 1-1 Coaching Program

The KF Fitness 8 Week Muscle Building 1-1 Coaching Program is designed to help you build muscle so that you look and feel amazing!


What's included:

  • A personalised nutrition plan including foods you enjoy.

  • A personalised training plan including a full muscle-building hypertrophy program and online HIIT videos.

  • The KF Fitness Cookbook which includes many family favourites like pancakes, pizza, curry, and many more.

  • Private workout video links for a variety of different workouts including HIIT, Tabata, and resistance sessions.

  • 8 weeks of regular online check-ins with me, your personal trainer, to ensure you're hitting your targets in order to achieve your end goal.

  • 8 weeks of personalised coaching by me on all things nutrition, training, and mindset.  

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